Frequently Asked Questions

Our outdoor pottery is frost-resistant. Pottery is high temperature kiln fired at 1200/1300 Degrees C. Care should always be taken when planting to ensure proper drainage. The Indoor Collection should be brought indoors during cold winter conditions.

Is the pottery frost proof?

We have a broad range of colors to offer and will supply availability upon request. We may have colors available that are not shown on the website so always ask. We continually bring in new colors/styles throughout the year to provide you with a wide variety of pottery choices which will change throughout the year.

What colors are available?

To qualify for wholesale pricing, we require a $1000 opening order for our stocking dealers but we have no minimums on reorders. Qualified landscapers and designers have no minimum order requirements but operate under a different pricing structure. Please contact our office for more information.

What is my minimum order?

We will be happy to quote you a rate based on your location. We use our own trucks for local deliveries and premium common carriers for long distance orders. You are also welcome to arrange to pick up your orders directly from our warehouse.

What does it cost to ship or deliver an order?

Please contact us for a Current Availability to start any order. Once you have made your selections you can call your order in directly at 1-866-354-4300, fax your order to 828-687-6045 or email it to

How do I place an order? 

No problem, we will be happy to help you put together an order. In fact, many of our customers prefer this.

Don't know what to order (or have the time)? 

Please visit our vendor information page for more information on pricing and/or obtaining a catalog:

How do I get price list and/or obtain a catalog? 

As a wholesale distributor we are unable to accept direct retail orders but we will be happy to refer you to a retailer in your area.

What if I am an individual just interested in obtaining some of your products? 

We can generally ship within one week of getting your order. Winter and Spring are our heaviest shipping times so order early whenever possible as your order may take 2-3 weeks to process.

How soon will my order arrive?

We will either email or fax you an availability list upon request.

What styles are available?